How to light a cigar?

Lighting your cigar correctly will give you the best experience out of your smoke. Lighting it with the wrong lighter, or doing it incorrectly, can ruin the flavors and smells of your stogie. There’s nothing worse than paying top dollar for a great cigar, and then never getting to enjoy it because the flavors are off, or the cigar doesn’t burn correctly. Follow these steps for the best experience out of your cigar.

Always make sure you’re lighting your cigar with the correct product. A butane lighter is the best for the job, because they don’t emit orders, and there is no flavor being transferred to the tobacco. Butane lighters can be found in almost any smoke shop. If you can’t find them, just ask the staff there. A liquid lighter or a matchbook, though often more available, can ruin the flavors of your cigar. They can transfer flavors from the igniting material into the tobacco of the cigar when lighting, ruining the taste you were looking for. If you can find them, some aficionado’s swear by using cedar wood to light their stogies.

Take your cut cigar in one hand, and your lighter in the other. Slowly rotate your cigar as you’re lighting it. You want to lightly toast all sides of the cigar so that it burns evenly. Puff in lightly as you turn it, slowly igniting the tobacco. You want to keep the cigar a little above the flame, but not directly touching it. Allowing the flame to touch the cigar can transfer flavors from the fuel, and you want to taste your cigar, not what you use to light it.

Remember to take your time when lighting. It’s not like lighting a cigarette or a candle. By slowly lighting it and allowing the ash to form around the foot, you’ll get a better experience out of your cigar. Don’t rush your cigar; you want to enjoy the whole experience, from lighting to smoking. Trying to cut corners to get your cigar lit could ruin the flavors that you’re paying the money to enjoy.