How to cut a cigar?

One of the most important steps in enjoying the perfect cigar is to cut it correctly. Without a proper cut, your cigar could unravel or may not produce the right amount of smoke. Follow these four easy steps when you cut it to avoid ruining a great cigar.

Step 1, buy a high quality cigar cutting. Don’t try and use your teeth or a knife to cut your cigar. Using your teeth can ruin the wrapper, causing it to unravel and wasting your stogie. Knives are also a bad idea for cutting it, because they can crush the cigar. A crushed cigar can break apart as you smoke it, causing you to waste your money or a rare cigar.

Step 2 is to inspect the cigar to find where the cap is. The cap is put on the cigar during the rolling process to keep the tobacco and the wrapper from drying out. Look closely at the foot, or smoking end, to find where the wrapper begins and the cap ends.

For step 3, align the cutting edge of your cutter a small portion, 3-4 mm’s, behind where the wrapper begins. Cutting it a little less than quarter of an inch back will protect the cigar from unraveling by keeping the wrapper intact with the cap.

In step 4 make a quick, strong cut to cut through the cigar. With a high quality cutter, you’ll make a clean cut with minimal tearing of the wrapper. If the cigar wrapper is tearing when you cut, you may not be cutting fast enough, or your cutter may not be sharp enough. Take a minute or two to sharpen the blades before your next cigar to get a great cut.

Cutting a figurado cigar is slightly different than others. Since it may be hard to determine the cap from the wrapper, clip off just enough to see the filler of the cigar. Be careful not to clip off too much, because the wrapper may unravel. It’s better to clip off little by little, rather than clip off too much and ruin the cigar.

Now that you got the perfect cut, light your cigar, and enjoy!