Drinks & Cigars Pairings

When you’re smoking a great cigar, often you’ll want to find a great drink to go with it. There are many different drinks to go with, so you don’t have to limit yourself to just beer or scotches. Follow your palate and go with a drink that you’ll enjoy the most. These are just suggestions, and you’ll enjoy the stogie the most if you pick a drink that you like, rather than what others suggest.

In addition to alcohol drinks, you may choose to go with coffee or just simply water. Water is a great palate cleanser between smokes, and will help you pick out all the great flavors of the cigar. Coffee also goes great because it won’t overpower the taste of your cigar. Often cigars may already have coffee notes in them, which may not make it a great pair with your stogie.

A wines and scotches are considered classic pairings with cigars. A good, late vintage, port is a great pair after dinner because the sweetness of the port makes a great dessert drink. Single malt scotches are considered the classic pair with a fine cigar. The flavor of the scotch is not overpowering, so you can still enjoy all the flavors of your cigar. Single malt scotches are a common choice because they don’t contain as many flavors as a blended scotch. You don’t want to pollute your palate with too many flavors, as they may mask your cigar. Scotch is an acquired taste, however, so you may choose to go with something different.

A few mixed drinks also go well with a good cigar. If you’re looking for something sweeter for after dinner, you can try a good Kahlua drink such as a White Russian or a Mudslide pair well with any cigar. The sweetness is a nice balance to a full-flavored cigar, since they won’t overpower all the different notes you’ll taste in your stogie. If you’re not finishing a big meal, a martini can be a great choice. The high alcohol content will stand up well against a full flavored cigar.

Find a drink that you enjoy. Try out different pairings for yourself. You can even try different drinks with a cigar until you find something that you like best. There is no definitive guide for picking a good pairing, because in the end everybody’s palate is different.