Cigar Etiquette

Tips to remember when enjoying your stogie

Enjoying a great cigar is becoming harder and harder to do, especially in the U.S. where smoking laws are getting more and more strict. So, it’s best to follow a few rules of etiquette to make sure you’re not stuck in a position of imposing it on others, or worse, having to snub out your stogie early.

First, before you light up, make sure that you’re somewhere that it is allowed. Whether you’re at a friend’s for a barbeque, or at a restaurant or bar, it’s best to ask those around you if it’s okay to smoke there. Even if you’re outside, ask with the owner of the house or bar if it’s okay to light up. If you’re outside, you’ll usually get the go ahead to enjoy your smoke. Inside, however, you’ll find that while someplaces are okay with cigarette smoke, they tend to be strict about cigars. Ask the owner first, rather than get trapped snubbing out a stogie in the first third.

Have an ash tray handy as well. Most people will not want the ash all over the grass or deck, leaving burns or getting tracked around the house. If you don’t have one handy, ask for something to use to keep it in. People tend to be more accommodating of smokers if they’re kind guests. Remember that golden rule from when you were a kid? Treat others how you want to be treated, and you’ll notice more places allowing you to light up around them.

Don’t crush your cigar into the ash tray when you’re done. When you crush the cigar, it still smolders in the ash tray, and gives off a foul smelling smoke. The smoldering cigar will fill the air with a foul smell, and may turn people off from allowing you to smoke in the future. Allow your cigar to burn out on its own. The cigar will produce the same smelling smoke instead of clouding the air with a rancid odor.

Some people have very specific rules about removing the band of the cigar. You’ll get some smokers that tell you removing it right away is the correct way. But ultimately, it is up to you, the smoker. The band was originally put on the cigar as a way of protecting gloves worn while smoking, but it’s since been turned into a way for companies to imprint their brand or logo. If you choose to keep it on, make sure that you remove it from the cigar as you get through the body so that you don’t accidently smoke it

It’s your cigar, so enjoy it. Sometimes you’ll find that non-smokers will tell you to put out your stogie, even in an area where you are legally allowed to do it. If they’re being nice about it, sometimes it’s just better to accommodate for them and move somewhere else.